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Our Guest Blog Post Series begins

The Punflay Team, comprising of an eclectic team of ‘creative writers, educationalists, child psychologists’ always had an urge to share valuable information on kids, learning and general parenting.

Working in the space of developing apps and learning objects for kids, we also have people who understand children’s needs better.
The process of creating educational games for kids [...]

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Back-to-school with an app in your backpack: Frog Dissection

It’s that time of the year again. Brand new backpacks that stay put on kids’ backs, squeaky clean shoes that fit, long sharpened pencils that write, and loads of enthusiasm. Yes, we’re talking about getting ready to go back to school.
Parents, listen up. If you have a kid in middle school or high school, then [...]

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Saving an app for another day

Ever been through a really long and never-ending wait in the pediatrician’s office? If yes, you know what I mean. No matter how prepared you are and stock up on emergency snacks, books and toys, there are always times when you are caught by surprise.
Take for example, the time I was stuck in the [...]

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The Kandy Fish are Coming

Who are the Kandy fish? We’ve never heard of them before!
The Kandy fish are a bunch of seven fish, each in the color of the rainbow. They live in the sea around GoGoo Island, a land where whacky characters run amok!

Okay. But what’s so great about them?
Well, have you ever tried explaining what a triangle [...]

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Two cookies please! Fun with preschool counting skills

Since we are in the business of developing exciting & educational apps for the coolest audience-your kids, we thought of sharing some fun preschool math activities that you can enjoy with your child. There are many ways to introduce kids to numbers. They can range from simple everyday tasks to more structured activities using books [...]

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More Power to Nursery Rhymes

Picture this- You’re running late to work, your preschooler is throwing a fit because she wants to listen to Jack and Jill one more time before getting out of bed. “Not again honey, it’s getting late”, doesn’t get you anywhere. You beg, you plead and finally play it for the sixth time in the hope [...]

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BlogHer 2010 Conference and Why it Matters?

The Blogher annual conference just got over and the venue for the prestigious conference was The Hilton, New York City for 2010.
Blogher is the single largest online community of women bloggers/women in social media and the BlogHer Conference is the largest blogging conference for women.
Over 5 years, BlogHer has evolved into a network of [...]

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Frog Dissection – Update

After hearing so much about Frog Dissection and its update, if you are wondering what all we have in store for you, take a look at the following:

5 more organs (Spleen, Large Intestine, Gallbladder, Pancreas & Fat Bodies)
Voiceovers for instruction and reading
Detailed labels, information about frogs which would include classification, lifecycle, and organ function etc.
A [...]

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Animal dissections: Past, present and future

Greetings! Hope you’re having a great summer. We at Emantras have been hard at work getting ready to launch an updated version of Frog Dissection. Our first release received an overwhelming response from users and reviewers. But the icing on the cake was when PETA recognized our contribution to saving frogs and awarded us the [...]

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Frog news

Frog dissection has been a common practice in schools, and the arguments against it have been gaining momentum over the years. In the hopes of helping with dissections in school, and putting an end to the indiscriminate killing of frogs, Emantras has come up with a humane alternative to frog dissection in the form of [...]

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