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Frog Dissection: New & Noteworthy iPad app in the iTunes store

Punflay’s Frog Dissection, now featured in the New & Noteworthy section of the iTunes store, is receiving rave reviews from so many educators. With the IEAR 2010 Best app award (Best Science App –Elementary under our belt and the fact that some schools are even using it in the classroom, we are thrilled to [...]

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Punflay Starts 2011 with a Bang!

The start of 2011 had a big and a pleasant surprise in store for Punflay. The most feted app – Frog Dissection HD managed to add another feather in its cap.
The Frog app HD was awarded the Best Science app award under the elementary category by IEAR. With this award, we could rub shoulders [...]

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5 reasons why an iPad is an excellent gift for kids

A recent raging debate has been if an iPad is a child’s best toy or is it an electronic gizmo which is a waste of time and money.
Lot of parents fear an iPad for two reasons :
1. An iPad can halt a child’s creativity. It is addictive and will lead to children [...]

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