5 reasons why an iPad is an excellent gift for kids

Children with iPads

A recent raging debate has been if an iPad is a child’s best toy or is it an electronic gizmo which is a waste of time and money.

Lot of parents fear an iPad for two reasons :

1. An iPad can halt a child’s creativity. It is addictive and will lead to children wasting their time over a gadget. A wasteful exercise.
2. Who in their right minds will spend 500$ for a ‘toy’.

To answer that and a few more queries, our argument on why an iPad is a good investment is as follows:

* An iPad is an excellent way to keep your kids engaged. Many findings prove that kids are more disciplined and attentive when they have an iPad or iPhone for that matter.And for most parents who are wary of TV and its ill effects on children, ipad is an excellent alternative.
* The appstore is one of the main reasons that makes the iPad a great buy. With a plethora of educational apps, its the best way to have your child grasp a few basics. It helps explore and develop new interests.
* It is discrete, it is compact enough and is serves as a good book reader when indoors(when outdoors the glare is too much to handle). But it is very handy for older children- to read and flip, in fact it can cultivate a habit for reading.
* You will not outgrow an iPad. One of the rare gadgets which will be appreciated by children from the age of 2 till they become teenagers. Plus an iPad is a family product and should be seen in that perspective. It has something for everyone. It is a 500$ toy with utilities which far exceed any other toy. Thus the benefits of an iPad should be seen in totality.
* Last but not the least, it helps your kids get ‘computer-ready’. They will be savvier when it comes to notebooks and computers more than what we ever were.

An iPad can serve the above mentioned purposes if used judiciously. It is recommended that parents use the iPad and guide he kids through them, till they become old enough to figure it out. It shall also avoid an overuse or excess.


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