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This time it is all about a rat

Get ready for another dissection app. This time Punflay brings you Rat Dissection, an iPad app that is a lot like our popular app, Frog Dissection. Users will be able get a feel for dissecting a rat with all the tools that are needed to complete the procedure. There are written instructions and voice over [...]

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Eek and Slo

As they grow out of toddlerhood, kids learn about spaces. What’s in, what’s out? What’s up and what’s down? And what on earth is between? To help your child figure out the spatial concepts of up and down not only by learning the vocabulary or reading, but actually doing some up and down motions virtually, [...]

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Sign the Petition! Tell Florida School Board to Switch to Humane Dissection Alternatives

A Florida middle school received national media attention after a teacher reportedly bullied and taunted a student for refusing to dissect a frog during science class. This thirteen-year-old student was protected under Florida’s Choice-In-Dissection law, allowing her to opt of dissection with a parent’s permission. The Florida State Board of [...]

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