Educational Apps on Sale for Easter

You have only three days (April 6th – April 8th ) to get these fabulous educational apps for your young kids.

Kandy Fish

WAS $1.99, now get it for 0.99 cents!
A 3D animated picture book for preschoolers, KandyFish is designed to teach your child about shapes, colors, and directions.
“An entertaining and innovative app based on the [...]

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Fun and more of it: An interview with one of the creators of Kandy Fish

As you all know by now, Kandy Fish is making a huge splash in the app store. We are being featured in the New & Noteworthy section and boy, are we thrilled! Curious to know more about the app and how it was developed? Read the following interview with Sowmya Rajendran, one of the content [...]

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The Kandy Fish are here!

The Kandy Fish are finally here and they’ve made quite a splash already! Featured on Apple’s New and Noteworthy list for the education segment, the Kandy fish are swimming the currents fast and strong. Priced at $0.99, the app is vibrant and dynamic enough to keep your toddler hooked for a couple of hours easily. [...]

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Kandy Fish all set to charm your Tiny Tots

The Fall season is synonymous with colors and what a time to bring out our exquisite app for kids called Kandy Fish. Kandy Fish is a 3D animated picture book on an iPad to teach shapes, colors and directions. It is an app designed for all preschoolers and has been carefully crafted [...]

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The Kandy Fish are Coming

Who are the Kandy fish? We’ve never heard of them before!
The Kandy fish are a bunch of seven fish, each in the color of the rainbow. They live in the sea around GoGoo Island, a land where whacky characters run amok!

Okay. But what’s so great about them?
Well, have you ever tried explaining what a triangle [...]

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