What Christmas Means to Some of our Friends…

Its that time of the year when festivity reigns. Be it Good economy or bad economy, Christmas is the time to loosen the purse strings, to spend, shop, celebrate with loved ones. And most parts of the world do witness a ‘White Christmas’ if lucky with fleeting snow touching most parts of US and Europe.

We [...]

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Want an exclusive to our Christmas apps?

Punflay has three gorgeous, ‘fresh off the oven’ apps for Christmas. We are looking to select a few enthusiastic ‘iPad mommies’ ideally with kids – toddlers/’pre schoolers’(Though not mandatory) to ‘test’ them/check them out and offer first hand suggestions to us.
If you have been an iPad junkie, and download kids apps regularly, this is [...]

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Best Movies to Watch this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has usually been the season to shop and celebrate with families. Black Friday in particular has been the time for shopping and discount frenzy.
Most families, I know have also seen thanksgiving as a time to unwind a bit and watch a family holiday movie with their loved ones. And that is not a bad [...]

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