New website for Punflay!

Punflay now has a new, improved website! Redesigned to better showcase our wide range of award-winning educational apps, the new Punflay website lets visitors easily browse through our variety of educational apps.

Search apps by Grade, Type & Device!
The new Punflay website effectively presents Punflay learning apps, across grade, devices and types. Visitors can easily search [...]

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Frog Dissection and Cell Structure mention at Apple NY Education Keynote Presentation

Honoured and excited today! Out of the 20,000 educational apps mentioned on iTunes, seven were briefly showcased with screenshots by Apple Vice President, Phil Schiller.
Of these seven, not one, but TWO were from Punflay!
Frog Dissection
Frog Dissection is an ethical and educative alternative to real animal dissections. Available for desktops, laptops, Macs, iPads, netbooks and [...]

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Having fun with picture books

So, your child has begun to read. What do you do next? Before giving those precious picture books away to a used book sale, wait. Picture books are fantastic ways to keep up with reading rituals with your child. The illustrations evoke something different each time you read the book (even though you can probably [...]

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Suggest a Name for the Christmas app and Win Exotic Polish Pottery

Apart from our regular Christmas apps, we have one ‘out of the box’ app – which has a Christmas tree that grows in real time.
Yes, you heard it right, the tree will grow even when the app is closed and shall be ‘full grown’ on 25th of Dec.
Check the preview video:

What you need to do:
1) [...]

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Want an exclusive to our Christmas apps?

Punflay has three gorgeous, ‘fresh off the oven’ apps for Christmas. We are looking to select a few enthusiastic ‘iPad mommies’ ideally with kids – toddlers/’pre schoolers’(Though not mandatory) to ‘test’ them/check them out and offer first hand suggestions to us.
If you have been an iPad junkie, and download kids apps regularly, this is [...]

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