Educational Apps on Sale for Easter

You have only three days (April 6th – April 8th ) to get these fabulous educational apps for your young kids.

Kandy Fish

WAS $1.99, now get it for 0.99 cents!
A 3D animated picture book for preschoolers, KandyFish is designed to teach your child about shapes, colors, and directions.
“An entertaining and innovative app based on the [...]

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Punflays apps in the classroom

Punflay, the gaming outfit of Emantras has found its way into the classrooms and is eager to share with you what kids and teachers are thinking of our apps. We are so excited to be in touch with people in the global educational community who give us valuable feedback about our apps. Review of [...]

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Saving an app for another day

Ever been through a really long and never-ending wait in the pediatrician’s office? If yes, you know what I mean. No matter how prepared you are and stock up on emergency snacks, books and toys, there are always times when you are caught by surprise.
Take for example, the time I was stuck in the [...]

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